Delightful Custom Order

Today I finished a custom order that has been truly delightful to work on. A customer contacted me to ask me to write in calligraphy a recent quote by her family’s “grand patriarch”: “Wisdom is judging rightly, causing no harm to those about you and being alert to the needs of others.” I think it’s a wonderful quote – profound in its simplicity – and it reminds me of some of the wise things my family’s patriarch used to say in his final years. I gladly agreed to do it, and found the customer an absolute delight to work with. She and I were thinking on the same wavelength all along – she loved my suggestions for how it should go, and her enthusiasm found its way into my work. It’s so much more fun to do my best work when I know it is appreciated and will bring joy to someone. In addition to the original finished work, the customer has ordered greeting cards with the image, so that she can give reproductions of the image to other family members.

Wisdom: style based on the Lindisfarne Gospels
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