Custom Ordering

I do my best work when I can be in direct communication with my customers. I love the process of making someone else’s vision, however vague or specific, come to life. Whatever the occasion, I will be happy to help you make it extra special and extra personal with my art.


If you are interested in a custom order, please get in touch with me to discuss the details: every project is different, so it is impossible to give a cost estimate until we have communicated. However, I can give you some general price guidelines:

  • Depending on the script, text is generally $4-$6 per line
  • Decorated initials are generally $10-$25 each, depending on size and complexity
  • Celtic knot borders are usually $15-$40 per side, depending on size and complexity
  • Addressing envelopes for wedding invitations is $3-8 per envelope, depending on script and whether I am also writing the return address
  • Some materials are more difficult or expensive for me to work with:
    • Iron Gall Ink: Made using medieval recipes. It can be a challenge to write with, so adds at least $20 to the estimate.
    • Gold: If you want gold, I can use shell gold, for an additional $25-60, depending on how much I use. Or I can use gold leaf, which is a long and complicated process, and will add a minimum of $100.
    • Parchment/Vellum: An absolute joy for me to write on, but involves a great deal of extra preparation. In addition to the cost of the parchment, I charge $50-$100 to prepare it.


I accept payment in checks or via PayPal. You can also buy items from me through Etsy or 1000 Markets.

If you order custom work from me, I generally do not require a down payment. I will start the work, and when it is finished enough that you can see whether you like it, I will send you pictures. If you are happy with what you see, you can pay me in full and I will finish the work. If you are unhappy, we can discuss what needs to happen to make sure both of us are satisfied.

There are a few circumstance where I do ask for a down payment: if I need to buy parchment or other very expensive supplies, or if printing costs are involved, such as for wedding invitations.

If you live in Washington state, I need to collect sales tax.