Wedding Vows

The inventory in my shop doesn’t change much, because the vast majority of the calligraphy I do is actually custom orders. I’ve had several custom orders lately, and I always mean to blog about them, but what inevitably happens is that my boyfriend has the camera with him on the day I finish the work, and I would rather send it off to my customers right away than wait an extra day so I can take pictures.

I finally finished a custom order on a day when the camera was home! This was a really fun one to work on (well, they all are, but I enjoyed my conversations with this customer as I worked). Jennifer bought this as an anniversary present for her husband, Neal. It is their wedding vows – I think they’re really lovely vows! – with a Celtic knot of two intertwined people. Between their names at the bottom is a Celtic Tree of Life – Jennifer and Neal frequently use tree imagery.

Neal and Jessica's wedding vows, work in progress
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Custom work is my favorite part of doing calligraphy: it’s so much more satisfying for me when the customer is involved in the process for the very beginning, and when I can be certain that I’m making something that someone will genuinely want and enjoy.